We take pride in knowing you and your pet

At our newly refurbished Hove surgery in Portland Road and at our branch surgery in Hangleton Way, our long-serving and experienced vets and nurses take pride in how well they know their clients, both two and four-legged.


Consultations are by appointment at both surgeries. During consultations the vet will usually check the general health of your pet, looking in the mouth, ears and eyes, and listening to the heart. If you do not understand the vet’s diagnosis or recommendations for treatment, please ask them to explain it again - we’re here to help!

X-rays and Ultrasounds

X-rays are performed in our x-ray theatre, usually under sedation, and are developed in-house for immediate results.

General Surgery

In our new, purpose-built sterile operating theatre, we carry out soft tissue surgery, investigations, castrations and spays.

Any quotations for operations include the anaesthetics, post-operative pain relief and antibiotics, as well as the procedure itself.


Since 6th April 2016, it has been compulsory to have your pet microchipped in the UK.

Microchips are the very best way to help reunite you with a lost pet. The steady stream of lost cats and dogs passing through the surgery makes us strongly recommend microchipping cats, dogs and rabbits, especially house pets which have little chance of finding their way home if they do stray. Microchipping can be done during a normal consultation.


Gum disease and tooth decay can cause discomfort, bad breath and illness. Feeding your pet a good diet and maintaining good dental hygiene will minimise oral problems, though of course some breeds are more prone to tartar and decay and will need an occasional scale and polish or an extraction. Fees quoted for any dentistry include the anaesthetic, post-operative pain relief and anti-biotics as well as the procedure itself.

Home Visits

In the majority of cases it is preferable to see patients at the surgery where we have the drugs and equipment to provide the best treatment for your pets. However, should you need a home visit, please phone the surgery as early as possible to arrange for the duty vet to come in after normal surgery hours.

Podgy Pets

Our very own version of Weight Watchers! Bring your podgy cat, dog or rabbit in for regular weigh-ins, advice and support on getting your pet back on the 'trim' side of things. Perhaps they could be this year’s biggest loser!


We offer vaccinations for dogs, cats and rabbits. Please check out the Pet Health Club to see how you can save money on vaccinations.

Feline Booster Update - Due to Europe wide supply issues with cat vaccines, we are needing to delay vaccinations for some pets who are at a lower risk. Please contact us for more information and advice.